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8 Medicinal Plants You Can Grow In Your Balcony


Are you aware that you can have your very own miniature medicinal garden right in the comfort of your home's balcony? Take this opportunity to introduce your children to the world of medicinal herbs and nutrient-dense greens with these 8 plants that have curative properties.

In fact, by growing your own greens, using organic manure for them and using them fresh you need not worry about chemicals and fertilisers getting into your cooking. You can even involve your children in the gardening process and get them to responsibly water the plants.

For your benefit, we have curated information from across the Internet, on 8 herbs and greens which are easy to grow in a pot. Read all about the health benefits of common greens like mint, spinach and fenugreek. 

Along with the popular ones, we have listed some uncommon choices of plants as well. Try growing medicinal plants like haldi, taro and aloe vera in your pretty garden. Aloe vera is rich in nutrients for your skin and also heals cuts and burns. Haldi leaves aid in digestion and taro leaves are known to boost the immune system.

Flip through the pages of the ClipBook to know more about these 8 medicinal plants for your balcony garden. Also, read the health benefits of each plant and how to include these in your daily cooking!


1. Turmeric Leaves

Most of us use turmeric powder, but did you know that the leaves of the turmeric plant also come with medicinal value? Why not start your medicinal garden with this aromatic plant. You can use the leaves in baking and making some traditional sweet...

2. Tulsi (Basil)

Most of us have a Tulsi plant at home. Used in Ayurvedic medicine for ages, Tulsi comes with numerous healing properties. It can be either used as fresh leaves or in a dried and powdered form. Read on to know the many health benefits of Tulsi leaves.

3. Fenugreek Or Methi

Can't wait to see the plants in your pots grow? Try greens like fenugreek - more commonly known as methi. It is one of the fastest growing plants and is great for your health. A good source of fibre, methi is also known to aid in weight-loss.

6. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a wonder plant with several benefits. It is an ideal choice for a balcony garden as it is easy to grow in a pot. Further, the plant can survive without water for a long time. It's a great choice - as it is easy to take care of plus it...

7. Mint (Pudina)

Don’t underestimate the power of everyday herbs like pudina (mint). Do you think that it is good only for garnishing your food? Mint is so much more than that. Let’s check out the health benefits of this popular herb.

8. Spinach (Palak)

Do you want your child to eat green leafy vegetables? Maybe he will, if you involve him in the growing process of this plant in your balcony. Spinach is rich in nutrients and a great addition to your child's diet. Read about the amazing benefits o...

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