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8 Kid-friendly Dog Breeds

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Children have an instant connection with dogs. Studies state that sometimes, the bond between a pet dog and child is even stronger than that with a family member. If children have dogs at home as pets while growing up, their social skills improve, and it even boosts their mental and physical well-being. Did you know that owning a pet can make your child active too? So, encourage your child to take the dog for daily walks and ensure they spend time outdoors — this way your child will also adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Moreover, dogs are excellent companions for children with special needs too. 

However, do thorough research before settling on a particular breed. It is a big decision for the entire family. Some dogs are prone to infections and cannot adapt to new environments. So, look for dogs that are friendly, resilient, good with children and easy to train. Dog trainers say that the behaviour of a dog will depend on the breed and the training received. Also, given that ours is a tropical country, where temperatures can cross 40 deg C in summer, ensure you choose a breed that can adapt to the climate. 

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