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8 Interesting Topics To Have A Conversation With Your Child


We all know that it’s important to talk to the people we care about to get to know them better and to be in touch with their emotions. Moreover, especially when children are growing, it helps them to talk a lot about themselves and other things. Conversation becomes a way of learning not jus about the world around them, but as a way of improving their language and cognitive skills.

However, these conversations don’t always need to be done in a serious manner on serious topics. You could have conversations with your child on as silly a topic as making faces, or as happy a thought as playing games. And if you are worried about finding an interesting enough topic to sustain a conversation with your little one, don’t worry! We got you covered. Flip through this ClipBook for some inspiring topics to dive into. 



Space is a vast and unending thing. So much of it is hard to imagine for even for adults that to children it often seems to be magical. Even basic questions about space like ‘does space have an end? If it does what comes after the end? And if it d...


Our world is rife with talk about gender. Where some people think that gender roles are important and meant to be others are convinced they need to be broken. While this sounds like a serious topic it doesn’t have to be. Moreover, by exposing your...


You can also talk to your child about artistic things like books and movies. For example, fairy tales – which we love! Especially when they are a bit unusual and show us something new. So, ask your child what she’s reading and recommend her to che...

Indian Monuments And History

Our monuments are a part of our history. So, even if you can’t visit them all, you can share them with your child by telling him about the history of how and why they were built.

World Population

We live in a world with a huge population. The sheer number of people on this planet is awe-inspiring. You could talk to your child and ask her to think about where she thinks most people live or how many more humans will walk this earth in the ne...

Food Customs Around The World

Given our huge number, we are also very diverse and have different tastes when it comes to food. Through this article you can discuss the sheer variety in different food cultures around the world.

Climate Change

Climate change is a growing issue. And while there are arguments on both sides, it’s important that your child knows about the debate. Moreover, your child might have some interesting and innovative ideas around how to be eco-friendlier around the...


Whether they are real or not UFOs make for great conversations. To think about the possibility of alien life is exciting, especially to children.

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