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8 Interesting Rain Facts For Kids


Have you ever wondered why rain gives off such a pleasant smell? Did you know that the world’s wettest place is in India? Do you know what causes a rainbow? There is more to rain than meets the eye.

When the temperature is hot enough, water on the surface of the Earth gets converted into vapour and rises into the atmosphere. The temperature is cooler in the atmosphere so the water vapour condenses and forms tiny water droplets. These droplets form clusters together which we call clouds. If enough water accumulates in a cloud, gravity does its work and the water droplets fall on the earth as rain. 

In India, the rainy season is referred to as the monsoon. Farmers all across the nation wait for it because a good monsoon is essential for the growth of their crops. Rain fills our streams, rivers and lakes. It also seeps into the ground and recharges our wells. 

This ClipBook is packed with interesting facts about rain. Pore over it with your child on a rainy day to learn something new. 


The Smell Of Rain Is Called Petrichor

The pleasant smell after a rain shower has a name. It's called petrichor. It is caused by rain droplets hitting the ground and releasing certain chemicals from the soil. These chemicals get released into the air and give off an earthy aroma.

Most Rain Doesn't Reach The Ground

A lot of it lands in the oceans and other water bodies. Some of it evaporates in the sky before it reaches the ground, especially in places which are very hot. A large amount of the remaining rain lands on trees, where it either evaporates or is a...

The World's Wettest Place Is In India

The place which receives the most rainfall in the world is Mawsynram, a village in India’s North-Eastern state of Meghalaya. It receives around 467 inches of rainfall a year. This intense rainfall is caused when moisture from the Bay of Bengal get...

Antarctica Is Home To The World's Driest Place

The world’s driest place is in Antarctica. It is a region called the Dry Valleys where rain hasn’t fallen for over two million years. It covers an area of around 4,800 square kms.

Sometimes The Colour Of The Rain Is Red In Kerala

Occasionally, there is red-coloured rain in parts of Kerala. When it lands on laundry left outside to dry, it often leaves behind a colour that is similar to the human blood. However, scientists have stated that this colour is caused due to the pr...

Raindrops Are Round, Not Tear-Shaped

Contrary to popular belief, raindrops are not shaped like tears. They start of as round and their shape changes as they fall to the ground at high speed.

A Rainbow Is Caused By The Bending Of Light

A rainbow is formed when light gets bent as it passes through raindrops in the sky. Light is made up of a collection of the colours in the rainbow: violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow and orange. When the light enters the raindrop it gets bent, an...

Running Through The Rain Makes You Less Wet

Have you ever wondered whether it’s better to walk through the rain or run through it? Well, scientists have proven that if you want to get less wet, running through it, is better. This is because less moisture falls on you as you run through it.

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