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8 Incredible Sarees To Own This Festive Season

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Are you planning to revamp your wardrobe this festive season? Why not include some unique sarees in your wardrobe? Sarees never go out of fashion. Do you know that different states of India are a treasure trove of beautiful sarees? These sarees from different states have unique fabric, patterns and techniques. You can choose from a variety of colours and designs. Wear a State-specific sari this festive season and it could be a good conversation starter too. 

Do you love to dress up in sarees for the festivals? If you are planning to buy sarees this festive season, check out the ClipBook below. We curated different sarees from different parts of India and how these intricate designs are made on these sarees. You can check out the history and origin of Kanjeevaram sari and how Mysore silk sarees are made. Also, take a look at the intricate designs of Assam’s Muga silk. Andhra Pradesh’s Mangalgiri sarees and Uppada Pattu sarees are also wardrobe essential if you are thinking of introducing regional flavour to your sari collection.

Flip through the pages of the ClipBook to check out different saris from different states of India. 


Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

For most women, owning an ornate Kanchipuram Silk saree is a wardrobe essential. Named after the famous weaving village of its origin, Kanchipuram aka Kanjeevaram sarees come in a variety of colours and design. Perfect for wedding and festivals as...

Tussar Silk

Also known as Wild Silk, Tussar Silk is derived from a wild yellowish-brown moth. Kosa Silk is the Sanskrit name of Desi Tusser.

Mangalgiri Saree: History And Background

Do you own temple-bordered Mangalgiri sarees? This popular handloom product from Andhra Pradesh is good for summer months. Named after Mangalgiri, these hand-woven sarees will add value to your wardrobe. These saree has zari or golden borders and ...

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