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8 Homemade Healthy Juice Your Kid Will Love


Does your kid fuss about eating vegetables? We know the struggle! Children need the right nutrients from fruits, vegetables and nuts for their optimal growth. But feeding them a diverse diet can be challenging. But here is the trick -- blend a variety of fruits and vegetables and offer it to children as juice. The more colourful it is the better. 

Fruits are loved by kids because of their colour and sweet taste. There are a number of vegetables and fruits that are of the same colour and give the benefits of two, when blended together. This gives a fruity punch to your vegetable drink. Amazed? Flip through the ClipBook for ideas.


Orange-Carrot Juice

Is your child fuzzy about carrots but you want them to drink up the nutrients? Orange is the rescue fruit which boosts this vegetable and gives a tasty flavour. Since both are same coloured, you child easily take for an orange juice.

Sweet Lime-Coconut Water Juice

Who doesn't love sweet limes? Everybody, from kids to adults, loves sweet lime. But did you ever think you can remix this to taste even better? Yes! Coconut water can make your sweet limes way better!

Beet-Grape Juice

Beets are a good source of antioxidants. They majorly contribute to the purification of blood and to produce red blood cells. Honestly, it is not kid-friendly, but you know who is? Grape! The same coloured buddies produce an immense amount of anti...

Tomato-Orange Juice

Tomato is an amazing detoxifying agent. Blended with the goodness of orange, this drink makes a good vision booster, energizer, blood purifier and digestion regulariser.

Cucumber- Green Apple Juice

Cucumber and Apple is a great combination for an energy booster. This blend of green goodies works like magic for detoxification. Cucumber contains 90 per cent water which makes it an excellent choice for hydration.

Pear-Spinach Juice

Spinach is the least favourite vegetable for kids as well as adults. It is mostly due to its sour taste and unattractive colour. Pears, on the other hand, are pleasant looking and sweet in taste. How about blending them for a refreshing juice?

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