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8 Healthy And Delicious Carrot Recipes For Kids

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When it comes to children and vegetables, it's often an uphill struggle for parents. No matter how hard we try, children do not seem to love munching on vegetables. At all!

Carrot is one such ignored vegetable, which is loaded with vitamin A, antioxidants, minerals and dietary fibre. It also has essential nutrients to cool down the body heat making it a perfect ingredient in all your summer coolers. Think carrot juice and cold carrot soup!

It is also rich in proteins and secretion of natural sebum oil in the scalp, that enriches hair growth in children. Carrot is also adaptable, hence it can be added to your sweet or savoury dishes to make them better and healthier. 

Here are some easy-to-make carrot recipes that even your fussy vegetable eater with fall in love with. Go ahead, try them and we bet even you will be tempted to take a bite.


Why Carrot Is Good For You

Carrots are one of the most nutritious vegetables around. Not only is it loaded with nutrients but you can make countless recipes with this simple and inexpensive vegetable.

1. Carrot Soup

Who doesn't love soup? Carrots cooked with aromatic Indian species and blended to make a silky smooth soup is a perfect delicacy for lunch and dinner.

2. Carrot Smoothie

A simple blend of pineapple, banana, and yummy carrot cake combine to make a delicious carrot smoothie! Go on and try this to surprise your child.

3. Carrot Muffins

Want an easy recipe to binge on during the upcoming summer days. Soft carrot cake muffins frosted with the brown sugar cream cheese is ideal to satisfy your taste buds during summer.

4. Smoky Spiced Carrot Rice

Carrots are generally sweet but this recipe adds up a little smoky flavour to the usual carrot rice. Try out this creative blend for a perfect lunch.

5. Carrot Kheer

Kheer is usually loved by children. And, mothers everywhere are trying to get this dessert a little healthy now. Thankfully carrots are an easy option loved by children everywhere. Check out this easy and healthy recipe for your little one.

6. Carrot Dosa

With very little preparation time required carrot dosa is a go-to snack to satisfy hunger pangs. The addition of grated coconut provides an energy boost and also lends softness to these pancakes.

7. Cheddar-Carrot Balls

Although the cheddar and carrot mix is a guilty pleasure for many adults out there, the children find it delicious. It is an easy-to-make after school snack.

8. Carrot Cake

Delight friends with an afternoon tea that includes this easy carrot cake. You can bake the cake, freeze it and just drizzle over the icing on the serving day.

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