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8 Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids


Kids are quite excited to get spooky this Halloween! Are you?

Halloween is the day kids put on their scary costumes and walk around the neighbourhood to collect candies. It is a widely celebrated tradition in the west. After all these years, this tradition has paved its way to our country as well! People are actively involving themselves in celebrating this tradition not because they need to, but because it's a lot of fun to do so.

It's nice to see schools having Halloween costume days, neighbourhoods all decked up with pumpkins, lights and all things scary. We know you are getting the chills too! 

Thinking of dressing up your baby for the spooky occasion? You are not late! We have some easy and affordable costume ideas for you. Remember, no matter how scary you dress up your little one, she is still going to look the cutest! And don't forget to buy candies because you will have a lot of little ones coming to your doorstep soon and asking, "Trick or treat?"  

Flip through this ClipBook for some easy-to-make costumes for your child this Halloween!  


The Halloween Parrot

Children are fond of colourful birds we understand. Why not make them a beautiful parrot and give them wings?

Mini Minions

Doesn't your toddler remind you of minions when he is speaking the words that no one understands? Turn your child into a minion this Halloween with this fun and easy DIY.

The Mummy

The easiest last-minute Halloween costume till date - Mummy. However, your child will turn into an adorable mummy to play with rather than a scary one! Now take that white fabric and wrap in your child.

Russell From The Movie Up

Who doesn't adore this chubby cute character Russell from the movie UP? Dress up your kid in this scout uniform, hand him some colourful balloons and you are good to go!

The Rainbow Unicorn

We know that unicorn is the favourite mythical creature of your baby girl. What could make her happier than turning into one for this Halloween? Get those colours and fabrics, we will show you how it's done.

Adorable Little Witch

Let your baby girl cast spells of cuteness to all your neighbours! Contrive a witch dress with a tutu and a classic witch hat! Who is ready to be spellbound?

The Classic Cowboy - Yeehaw!

Turn your child into the coolest looking cowboy this Halloween! The best part is that you don't really need to go shopping... we know you are relieved now. Grab all the essentials from your house to reform your little cowboy!

Super Mario And Luigi

We know you were humming the Super Mario theme as soon as you read this! Remember the times we were hooked to this game? Here we have an idea to dress up your little one as Mario. Well, if you have two even better! we've got easy ideas for Luigi too!

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