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8 Fun Sensory Activities For Toddlers


If there is one thing that toddlers are never bored of, it would be to play. They can play in light and in dark, in the scorching heat and when it’s raining. There is no limitation to how they can enjoy a situation, or simply start laughing endlessly. But there are few fun activities that can help develop your toddler’s senses while also having a good time. They also help you spend time with toddlers and observe their growth every day, every moment.

Some popular sensory activities for toddlers include cooking, bathing, creating music, play dough, water play, rice bin, ice excavation and bathtub puffy paint. These activities focus on introducing the toddler to different factors like temperature, textures, frequencies, colors, and fragrances to increase his interest and observation to learn more. This also stimulates the toddler’s sensory coordination by making him identify different patterns and differentiate between the same. The good thing about these activities is that they can be set up at home and do not require any investment. Also, most of these comprise our routine activities and hence, can be done by anyone, and do not require any special skills to perform. However, keeping your toddler away from strong fragrances or any toy that can cause harm is suggested.

Introduce your toddler to some simple and fun-filled sensory activities that are colorful, encourage him to create wonderful sounds, and let him smell and observe, to develop the senses of smell, touch, hear, speak and sight. These activities are not only fun to do, but also offer some wonderful learning opportunities.

For more on sensory activities for toddlers, please refer the ClipBook below.


Cooking Together

Cooking with your kids is a great way to build their self-esteem, provide them with essential life skills and teach them to be healthy eaters.

Wet And Dry

It can be difficult to teach babies about the various uses of water but all you need for easy sensory lessons is a big pot with just a bit of warm water in the bottom.


Singing or listening to music together is another fun way to explore music. If you do not have the instruments that are available, you can make a simple homemade drum with anything around the house: coffee cans, pots and pans, and even large boxes.

Play Dough

What list would be complete without a sensory play dough? It is easy to make at home, and fun for children of all ages.

Water Play

Set a few dishes with water and a few spoons, sponges and other tools to manipulate the water right in your dishwasher door. There is less mess to clean up and the door of the dishwasher is usually a good height for small children.

Lavender Rice Bin

This activity is less messy than some of the others and is great for reducing stress. This activity is also a great choice for sensory exploration because it combines three senses: touch, hearing and smell.

Bathtub Puffy Paint

You can even add sensory learning lesson for bath time with this soap paint that gets your child and your tub clean. Check Chalk in My Pocket for Regina brilliant tutorial on how to make bath puffy paint.

Jell-O Or Ice Excavation

Freeze small toys in the water in food storage containers, cake pan, or even a balloon and then let your kids start digging their toys out of the ice with a spoon. This project can get a bit messy, so make sure you do it in an area where a little ...

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