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8 Fun Facts About Valentine's Day


It’s the season of love! Valentine’s Day is here again. It's that time of the year when people around the world celebrate this day with their loved ones by gifting chocolates, cards, flowers and even go out on a romantic outing. Each person celebrates it in their own special way.

But do you know how Valentine’s day came about? Or how it became so popular across the world? Most of us are aware of the legend behind this day – the story of how Saint Valentine sent a letter signed ‘from your Valentine’ before he was executed leading to the celebration of love on February 14 every year.

However, there are several other interesting and fun facts about this day too. One, which occurs in Japan where the ladies are supposed to gift chocolates and flowers to the men, instead of the other way round. But this pales in comparison to what happens in the Italian city of Verona, of Shakespeare’s Rome and Juliet fame. Every year thousands of letters addressed to Juliet find their way to this city. Amusing, isn’t it?

Know more such fun facts about Valentine’s Day by going through this ClipBook.


What Is Valentine's Day?

Every year, the world celebrates Valentine's Day on February 14? But do you know why? This article looks at the legend behind the day and the story is one which is sure to interest and enthrall you.

1. Chocolates And Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is synonymous with chocolates. But, where did this sweet tradition originate? In the late 1800's, the first box of chocolate was introduce by Richard Cadbury exclusively for this day and the tradition carries on to date.

2. The Link Between Saint Valentine And Epilepsy

Saint Valentine is widely regarded as the patron saint of love. However, he is also the patron saint of people with epilepsy. An interesting fact that many people do not know.

3. Letters Of Heartbreak Find Some Love In Italy

Juliet still the hearts of many! Every year, on Valentine's Day, the Italian city of Verona receives many letters addressed to Juliet. Each letter is taken care of by the Juliet Club.

4. Meaning Behind Different Colours Of Roses

Learn about the meaning behind the different colours of roses on Valentine's Day. While white may symbolise youth, pink symbolises appreciation. Pick the right colour for your valentine!

5. Cupid And Valentine's Day

When the name Valentine's Day crops up, the name of cupid almost follows instantly. But why is this? How did a winged baby become such a big part of this day? Read this article to know more about the son of Venus, the Roman God of love and beauty.

6. History’S Oldest-Known Valentine

Even after his arrest and being made captive in the Tower of London in 1415, the Duke of New Orleans continued writing poems of love to his wife. It is believed that the love poems he sent to his wife is the first recorded knowledge of a Valentine.

7. The Evolution Of The Conversation Heart Candy

Valentine's Day is when couples profess their love for each other. But, expressing his or her love to their object of affection, can be difficult. Fortunately, there is a conversation heart for that. No really, there is.

8. In Japan, Women Give Gifts To Men

In Japan, Valentine’s Day is celebrated in a very unique style. It is the women who present gifts to men. There are two types of funny chocolates too. Read the article to know more.

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