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8 Famous Personalities Who Didn't Give Up


Adversities and challenges are a part of life. Overcoming them not only helps us develop our abilities but also teaches us valuable life lessons.

Irrespective of who we are, struggles and tough times come our way. While some of us respond positively to them, some tend to give in. Learning to deal with difficulties builds our character and proves to us how resilient and resourceful we are. It also boosts our self-confidence.

Some world-famous personalities have faced immense hardships to reach where they stand today. Mahatma Gandhi and George Washington are two well-known examples of individuals who stood up to challenges and overcame them.

We cannot succeed if we do not try. Taking that step is vital to success, and fear of failure shouldn’t stop it.

Our ClipBook lists eight famous personalities who are examples of strength, courage, character and perseverence, qualities that helped them overcome every adversity they faced in life.


Thomas Edison

Every time we switch on the electric bulb to dispel darkness, we remember and thank Thomas Edison. For without his invention, the world would still be a dark place. Edison is also famous for inventing many other things. However, for every success ...

Joanne Rowling

This author, who also goes by the names ‘JK Rowling’ and ‘Robert Galbraith’, is one of the most famous individuals in the world today. She rose to fame through writing the Harry Potter book series, but little do people know how many struggles she ...

Vincent Van Gogh

Even if you may not recognise all the paintings of Vincent van Gogh, you would surely be familiar with a few of them like ‘The Starry Night’. While the famous painter created many works of art, he was only able to sell one painting during his li...

Nawazuddin Siddiqui

Nawazuddin Siddiqui has become one of the most famous and critically acclaimed actors today. However, not many know the struggles he faced at the beginning of his career. He says that the hard times he faced have made him fearless and that he meas...

Ludwig Van Beethoven

Beethoven is a musician who went deaf. Yet, he continued to compose music. His music is popular even today and though you many not know, you would have heard one or more of his compositions...

Dr Seuss

The poet and children’s author, from ‘The Cat In The Hat’ fame could only manage to get his first book published after it had been rejected 27 times. However, he was never disheartened by the problems that came his way and continued to try...

Soichiro Honda

As you might have guessed, Soichiro Honda is the founder of Honda Motors, one of the most successful companies in automotive vehicles. He dropped out of school at 15 to find work. His factory was even bombed twice, when he was still struggling to ...

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah came from a poor family and suffered abuse at home. She faced other dire challenges in her life from a young age. Her first show was also cancelled very soon. However, she continued to work and has become the success you know her as now.

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