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8 Facts About Tattoos Every Parent Should Know


Parents often get worried when their teen decides to get a tattoo. Is it safe? Will it affect their health? Is it going to be painful? These are some of the questions about tattoos on most parents' minds. 

However, youngsters are enamoured by the idea. Getting one's skin inked has become quite popular today.  But, it is always better to know the pros and cons of getting a tattoo.   

What is a tattoo? Tattooing is an art of puncturing the skin with ink and needles to leave a pattern.To begin, tattooing started with the Egyptians and spread to other parts of the world. This form of body art is believed to signify a member of a society or community. Tattoos initially depicted professions or slavery or the clan to which a person belonged. 

However, there are certain health hazards associated with tattoos. It can lead skin infections and allergic reactions in some people. Here are some facts that every parent should be aware of before their kid gets a tattoo.

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A Tattoo Is Etched In The Second Layer Of The Skin

Did you know that a tattoo is etched in the second layer of the skin? Tattoos are a result of the insertion of needles at a frequency of 50-3000 pricks per minute with ink pigments into the dermis layer, this, in turn, leaves a pattern on the oute...

Unhygienic Tattoo Practices Lead To Health Problems

It is advised to have complete knowledge about the conditions of the tattoo studio and artist. Unhygienic tattoo practices can result in allergy, skin disorders, and bloodborne diseases.

Certain Colour Tattoos Are Easy To Remove

Black tattoos are the easiest to remove as they absorb light with all wavelengths.

Difficult Tattoo Colour To Remove

Green and purple are the most difficult colours to remove. They do not easily absorb light to break down the ink. They can take several treatments to be removed.

Places Where Tattoos Can Fade Away

Yes! You read it right! Tattoos can fade away. Research says that places that bend, rub against clothing and are exposed to the sun, often result in tattoo fading.

Most Jobs Don’T Allow Tattoos

First impressions mostly settle our views of people. Tattoos can be unprofessional and highly intimidating hence they are not appreciated by most employers.

Tattooing Is Illegal In Some Countries

Although tattoos are widely trending and accepted, there are countries that still ban or limit tattoos. Many countries have strict laws that imprison people with tattoos as they are a form of self-injury.

Think Before You Ink: Tattoo Risks

You could be the proud owner of a new tattoo in a matter of hours — but be careful before you decide to take the plunge. Before you get a tattoo, make sure you know what's involved and how to reduce the possible risks. A tattoo is a permanent mark...

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