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8 Effective Home Remedies To Keep Mosquitoes At Bay


Do you want to protect your family from mosquito bites but don’t want to go for chemical-based mosquito sprays and patches? The chemical-based repellents can cause many side-effects like skin allergies, nausea, headaches and eye irritation.The American Academy of Pediatrics says chemical-based repellents shouldn’t be used on infants younger than two months. 

Good news is, you can deal with the mosquito menace with some natural ingredients that are safe, inexpensive and easy-to-make as well. 

Flip through the ClipBook to know more on eco-friendly, homemade remedies to repel mosquitoes. 


Remedy 1: Neem Oil

An effective natural mosquito repellent can be made at home by blending neem oil and coconut oil in equal parts. Apply on your skin whenever you are stepping out. The bitter smell of neem is strong enough to keep the mosquitoes away. And, the coco...

Remedy 2: Coconut Oil

Want to repel mosquitoes? Look no further than these coconut oil mosquito repellents mentioned in this article. There seems to be no limit to the wonderful benefits that coconut oil has to offer. What's more, there’s scientific evidence to back up...

Remedy 3: Camphor

Camphor is often a cheaper alternative to commercial mosquito repellents. Camphor is a waxy substance that’s typically used for coughs, colds and minor irritants like insect bites and sores. It’s rubbed on the skin or inhaled, giving patients a co...

Remedy 5: Eucalyptus Oil

Eucalyptus trees act as a powerful mosquito repellent as they have a chemical that can deter mosquitoes. The compound p-menthane-3,8-diol present in eucalyptus has a strong odour that can confuse the insects and alter their sharp sense of smell.

Remedy 6: Vanilla Extract

The common vanilla extract acts a natural mosquito repellent. Insects can be very annoying and even dangerous, so it is best to safeguard your home and skin against their bites. It is very simple to make a concoction with vanilla extract as the ma...

Remedy 7: Citronella Oil

Citronella is an oil that can be obtained from different species of lemongrass. It is obtained from the leaves and stems of the lemongrass plant. Citronella oil is a natural oil type that is used in many industries starting from perfumery to insec...

Remedy 8: Vinegar

Rather than spending all your time indoors and feeling angry at the pesky mosquitoes or spraying harsh chemicals on your skin every time you venture outside, whip up a batch of mosquito repellent with vinegar. Mosquitoes do not care for the fragra...

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