7 Parenting Tips From ‘the Jungle Book’

7 Parenting Lessons I Learnt From The Jungle Book

Jungle Book has been a treasure chest of dreams, day-dreams, mischief, innocence, entertainment, friendships and fun for me as a child. I grew up yearning the life of Mowgli who had the joy of all play and no work, no calls from his mother to clea...

What ‘The Jungle Book’ Can Teach Parents

The Reelist is a column featuring Kristen Page-Kirby’s musings on movies. For Washington Post film critic Ann Hornaday’s review of “The Jungle Book,” click here. My son’s bedroom is decorated with an Amazonian theme. Not the jungle; the boxes. Eve...

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7 Parenting Tips From ‘the Jungle Book’

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7 Parenting Tips From ‘The Jungle Book’ Because Some Things Really Are Universal