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7 Life Lessons From Jay Shetty


Jay Shetty, in his own words, is "making wisdom go viral." And, he has been hugely successful, as is evident from the number of times his videos have been viewed.

Born and brought up in London, Jay was a shy child. But things changed by the time he stepped into teenage. The untimely demise of two of his friends made him ponder if his life had a purpose and meaning.

From being a nerdy teen, Jay donned the robes of a monk at the age of 22 years. As a monk, he travelled across India and Europe, learning meditation and mind control techniques.

After moving back to London, he spent months catching up on how the world had changed before becoming a motivational speaker. Along with being an award-winning host, Jay is also involved in philanthropy.

Our ClipBook brings to you seven life lessons from Jay Shetty.


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