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7 Ancient Languages That Disappeared Over Time


Language is one of the most important elements that differentiates humans from animals. It is language that allows us to share information across generations and record our history. Without the invention of the written and the spoken word we would never have access to great epics like the Odyssey or the Mahabharata. And we wouldn't have much idea of what our ancestors thought and how they lived. 

Today, there are several languages practised all over the world. Unfortunately, over the course of time, a lot of these languages are lost to us. So, in this ClipBook we go through some of the most ancient languages, which are not spoken anymore.


Why Languages Die

Some experts estimate that about 50 per cent of spoken languages today will disappear in the next 100 years. Read this clip to find out how this happens.

Ancient Egyptian

Ancient Egyptian is one of the oldest languages and its earliest use can be dated back to 3400 BC. It is a pictorial language and uses the hieroglyphic writing system. This writing system has more than a thousand separate characters, making it str...


It was the main language around 2800 BC to 500 AD in Mesopotamia. One of the most famous works to be composed in this tongue is ‘The Epic of Gilgamesh’. The name of this language comes from the Akkad region, which would now be somewhere in modern-...

Old Norse

While ‘Norse’ may make you think about the Norse mythology in popular culture, Old Norse is also a language. Part of the Germanic family it was the Vikings’ language. This was the language in which they wrote down the captivating myths we are so f...


Aramaic is a semitic language, and was spoken in the Levant and Mesopotamia. It is also popular for being the language that the historical Jesus spoke.


This is the language from which the current Indo-European languages have come from, making it largest language family in the world today. So languages like Urdu, French, Latvian, and Polish, to name a few, come from the same language. It is stipul...


This language was spoken in an area that resides in present-day Sudan. It was in use approximately from 200 BC to 400 AD. Most of the texts in this language that have been discovered till now, are of people from royal backgrounds.


You can probably tell by the name that this is the language of the Huns. Unfortunately, we don’t know a lot about Hunnic, even what language family it belongs to. This is because the written resources in the language are scarce as it was mainly a ...

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