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7 Amazing Facts About Breast Milk You May Not Know

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Most babies derive maximum nutrition from breast milk. Apart from calcium, breast milk contains a number of vitamins, minerals, proteins, which are essential for the baby's overall growth and development.

However, there are some surprising facts about breast milk that many mothers may not be aware of. For instance, did you know that the composition of the breast milk changes to suit the needs of your baby? Or, that the diet that a mother follows may have an impact on the quality of milk that her breast produces. Mother's milk even changes according to the season — for e.g., in summer, there may be more water in the milk, to keep the little one hydrated.      

In another surprising revelation, breast milk also contains stem cells that may play an important role later in the baby's life. Apparently, breast milk may even cure eczema in babies.

Go through this ClipBook to know many amazing facts about breast milk, which includes, among others, the interesting fact that breast milk is different at night time.


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1. Sugars In Breast Milk May Fight Harmful Bacteria Directly

Human milk contains two types of simple proteins, whey and casein, which can be easily digested by a baby. An interesting fact is that human milk is also loaded with sugar, which may play a role in fighting harmful bacteria.

2. Breast Milk Changes To Meet Your Baby’S Needs

Breast milk is full of immune-boosting components, which is why it is one of the best foods for your little one. This article looks at ways that breast milk changes ranging from composition to colour to taste to suit the baby’s needs.

3. Breast Milk Is Different At Night- Time

Do you know that breast milk is different during night? Yes, recent research has suggested that breast milk during the night may contain certain amounts of neucleotides, a form of protein, that has a role in inducing sleep.

4. Your Diet Can Influence The Composition Of Your Breast Milk

The diet of a new mother has a big role in affecting the taste and composition of her breast milk. In fact, eating a variety of foods may lead to the baby to be an adventurous eater later on.

5. Boys And Girls May Get Different Breast Milk

Do you know that the milk may change its nature depending on gender? According to research, it has been suggested that the composition of milk changed depending on the gender of the infant and the prevailing conditions.

6. Breast Milk Contains Stem Cells

Breast milk contains more than nutrients, it contains stem cells that may perform a range of useful functions. It may so contribute towards the overall growth and development of the baby.

7. Breast Milk Glands Grow During The Second Trimester

Your breasts get ready to produce milk during the second trimester when sac-like glands grow, thanks to an increase in estrogen, lactogen, and other hormones. Once your baby is born and starts suckling, prolactin is activated, which then spurs on ...

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