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6 Ways To Bond With Your Unborn Baby



Tips To Bond With Your Baby Bump

To help prepare for your new life, spend a little time bonding with your unborn baby when you can. Here are some great tips to help you bond with your baby bump.

#1 Talk To Your Baby

Experts believe that talking to the pregnant belly can do you and your unborn baby a whole lot of good. Talking to the bump and also to the newborn helps your baby to pick up words and language faster and aids in social skills development.

#2 Sing A Song

Want to boost your baby’s speech and language development? Pat your bump, talk to it and sing to it at every opportunity, says Nicola Lathey, leading speech and language specialist and co-author of Small Talk.

#3 Play Soothing Music

Many people have said that playing music during pregnancy for your baby will make him smarter. In reality, however, the studies that showed a link between being exposed to music and doing better in math have been focused on children that were older.

#4 Massaging The Baby Bump

Research shows that massage therapy reduces stress hormones, increases endorphin and serotonin levels, relaxes muscles and promotes a state of well-being. Massage also helps to improve blood and lymph circulation bringing oxygen and nutrients, res...

#5 Meditation

While calmness and positivity are more important than ever, during pregnancy it can be hard to find your even keel. Practicing meditation helps you cope with the demands on your body and mind, and benefits your unborn baby in a variety of importan...

#6 Studying Ultrasound Images

Fetal image helps men take in reality of pending birth, study suggests. The ultrasound helped the men truly understand that they were going to have a child and reassured them that all was well with the pregnancy, the researchers said.

10 Moms Share How They Bonded With Their Unborn Baby

Beyond rubbing your pregnant belly, there are quite a few other ways to bond with your preborn baby. Here’s what ten moms had to say.

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