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6 Things To Check Before Your Child Goes To Study Abroad


Rates of enrollment by Indian students in foreign universities are higher than ever before. According to official data released by the Ministry of External Affairs, there are over 5,53,000 Indians studying abroad. While, the US is the most popular destination for students, countries such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand also figure high on the list. 

Young Indians seek admission abroad for quality education, good job prospects and a better standard of living. 

However, going abroad to study is no easy task. Prior to departure, a number of formalities must be fulfilled to ensure your child has a smooth and untroubled experience. 

Read the clips below and make sure your child is well prepared for their overseas education.


Get Insurance

Before your child leaves to pursue an education abroad, it always helps to get some insurance cover on belongings, important documents or any third-party personal liability, to make his stay protected. Medical insurance is a must, even if the fore...

Get Medical Tests Done

The rise of global epidemics such as ebola and swine-flu means that many countries have increased their requirements for medical tests required before applying for their visa. Make sure your child is well-informed on what the required tests are an...

Book Accommodation

Make sure your child gets his accommodation arrangements sorted before he leaves. Most countries require some proof of accommodation to be provided during the visa application process. There are generally three broad options for accommodation abro...

Gather Documents

Make sure your child has the originals as well as a set of photocopies of all the required documents before he leaves to study abroad. Some of the important documents are letters of recommendation, statements of purpose, competitive exam scores an...

Learning The Foreign Language

Make sure your child learns a foreign language or two as it will help him before he goes to study abroad. What language they learn depends on which country they're going to. If studying in Europe, learning the native language of the foreign nation...

The Ultimate Study Abroad Packing List

Travelling abroad to study is not like travelling to the neighbouring town. Your child can't just come back home and shop if they realise that they've forgotten to pack something important. Pack clothes which are appropriate for the location your ...

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