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6 Strategies To Mould An Immature Teen


Teenage is a period that every human being goes through. It is a time that prepares us to grow up into a responsible adult. While some children go through teenage without much problems and emerge as well-rounded adults, some fail to learn their roles and responsibilities.

Our ClipBook tells you how you can mould your immature teen into an emotionally mature and responsible child.


Teach Self-Sufficiency

One of the biggest and most important journeys of adolescence is learning to look after one’s own needs, and it’s important not to procrastinate teaching those lessons. While it can be tricky, seeing...

Encourage Independence

It’s natural to worry that if you give your child too much independence too early, your child might get involved in risky behaviour. And it’s normal to want to keep your child safe. But your child needs...

Give Freedom

When it comes to parenting teens, it’s truly a balancing act. While on one hand your teen needs an increasing amount of freedom to learn about herself and her world, on the other hand, too much freedom...

Set Limits

Setting and enforcing healthy limits with your teenager is probably one of the biggest challenges that you face on a daily basis. It can be quite tricky to know when to say yes and how to say no...

Let Your Teen Fail

Although advice like “let them try and fail” seems blindingly obvious, it is very hard to implement. At every book event for the Gift of Failure, at least one parent approaches Lahey in tears. The parent describes...

Engage In Conversation

Confrontations happen in practically every home, but they're guaranteed when you and your teen aren't close. How can you communicate in a way that helps you reconnect?

Reward Good Behavior

Teenagers do many good things and parents can reward positive behavior with simple activities or privileges. Here are 16 great ideas for teen rewards.

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