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6 Reasons Why You Should Have Buttermilk


Are your suffering from a burning sensation in your stomach? Is the intense heat causing dehydration? Forget the doctor, a simple glass of buttermilk might just be the best remedy.

Buttermilk of chaas is a common drink in most of the homes in India. And, for good reason. Since, it is made of watered down curd and spices like pepper, jeera, ginger, kadi patta , etc. it is not only cooling but provides a host of health benefits.

Go through this ClipBook that looks at the various reasons why you should avoid colas and opt for this humble drink this summer. 


How To Make Buttermilk At Home

Traditionally made by churning out the butter from milk, one of India's favourite coolers has undergone plenty of changes over the years. What used to be made by diluting curd with water, is today made in various different ways across the country....

Types Of Buttermilk

In India, there are five types of buttermilk that divided according to the quantity of water added in it. All types of buttermilk have different health benefits.

When To Take Buttermilk?

Buttermilk should be drunk after the meals and with salt. After drinking it, one should also drink some water and nothing else afterwards. Drinking water thus, hot or cold, will ensure that no acidity would remain at the throat or the teeth. This ...

1. Cools Down The Stomach

Buttermilk which is commonly known as ‘chaach’ is an outstanding coolant that proves to be very beneficial for our body. Especially in the days of summer, the glass of buttermilk is very refreshing and energizing. It is one of the best ways to que...

2. Helps Prevent Dehydration

Dehydration can be caused by exercise, illness, or simply not drinking enough water. You can usually treat mild to moderate dehydration on your own. Read for some home remedies. Buttermilk of Chaas is one of them.

3. Rich In Nutrients

Although its name implies that it is high in fat, buttermilk contains no butter and is traditionally low in fat. In fact, buttermilk is rich in nutrients like calcium, vitamin C, vitamin D, etc.

4. Eases Constipation

Buttermilk is a natural therapy often used to comfort the ballooning of the stomach, preventing constipation and other stomach disorders. Incorrect food and timings of meals can put pressure on the digestive system, leading to diarrhoea or constip...

5. Can Help In Weight Loss

A glass of buttermilk doesn't serve as a magical weight-loss elixir, but this tart beverage can play a role in your effort to shed a few pounds. Don't expect that sipping buttermilk will automatically cause you to smile on the bathroom scale. Enjo...

6. Can Be Good For The Skin And Hair

Buttermilk is not only a delicious drink or a healthful beverage but it also comes with a lot of beauty benefits. Whether you consume it directly or apply it topically to your skin and hair, it will benefit you greatly. Today, we will explore vari...

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