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6 Positive Relatable Parenting Moments

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Parenting is a tough job. But, while we are taking care of our children and they are growing up, numerous joyful moments also come our way. These make us feel blessed. 

Although every child is different from the other and parents have their own idea of how to bring up their child, there are certain moments in the life to which every parent can relate to, irrespective of their differences. These moments can range from hilarious to awkward, and from painful to funny. 

While our ClipBook provides a glimpse of some unique parenting moments from the lives of the children of famous parents, we are sure that you can relate to them.


Your Child Says Papa/Mama For The First Time

As we become used to our infant's coos and babbles, the little one catches us unaware one fine moment when he relates himself to us by calling us Papa or Mama. Being called a Papa or Mama can change our perspective and take the relationship we hav...

Your Child Finally Accepts Her Sibling

Siblings are notorious for fighting and quibbling, much to their parents’ frustration. So, as a parent, you would have felt great to see your children accepting each other and bonding well...

Your Child Writes You A Heart-Warming Note

Children may not have the best handwriting, but they do have the most sincere thoughts and wishes. So, it’s really lovely to get notes from your child, who’s learning how to write and express what he feels about you...

Your Older Child Shows Her Protective Instinct

Older children don’t always understand why their younger sibling is getting all the attention and love. This causes them to be jealous. However, it really is marvellous when your older child takes his younger sibling under his wings and becomes th...

Your Child Wants To Look At You Sans Any Make-Up

We take utmost care while presenting ourselves before others, as we don't want raised eyebrows or adverse comments. So, it really comes as a breath of fresh air when your child wants to look at you sans the make-up...

Your Child Fails To Recognise You

While children spend a lot of time with their parents, it is sometimes fun to present ourselves in ways which throws them off the track. When you return home after a trip and have grown a beard is one of those time when your little one may not be ...

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