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6 Picture Books On Human Rights


Parents may feel at a loss while educating their children about human rights, as it can be a difficult subject to explain. Thankfully there are writers and authors who have worked hard to create picture books that skilfully teach children about human rights.

Knowing about human rights can not only empower children from a young age and teach them to stand up for themselves, but also stand up for others. They are less likely to grow up to be prejudiced against any humans if they know that all every one is entitled to basic rights.

In this ClipBook we explore six books that can teach children about human rights. Read on to find out what they are. 


I Have The Right To Be A Child By Aurelia Fronty

In this beautiful picture book, we come across many of the rights present in the United Nations Convention. Young children can learn about their rights from the very beginning through this. These rights include not only access to clean air and wat...

Swimmy By Leo Lionni

Written and illustrated by the acclaimed Leo Lionni, it’s no wonder that this book is on this list. In a simple story of a black fish Lionni manages to weave in the importance of sticking together when fighting injustice and that you deserve to l...

Malala Yousafzai: Warrior With Words By Karen Leggett Abouraya And L C Wheatley

The book uses Malala’s words to tell her story. The book shows how crucial it is for all children to have access to education regardless of their gender. That education is not a privilege but a basic right. Suitable for: ages four and above

Dreams Of Freedom In Words And Pictures By Amnesty International Uk

This is a book of collaboration, where both the words and the illustrations have come from a number of other people. Nelson Mandela, Anne Frank, Malala Yousafzai, and the Dalai Lama are a few of the people who have provided the words. This book sh...

Sélavi: That Is Life By Youme Landowne

It takes place in Haiti, which has seen a lot of resistance and struggle on its lands. Set around a group of children on the street who become friends and to an extent even family, this book shows the importance community in order to speak up. S...

The Case For Loving By Selina Alko

In a sweet and struggle-filled tale of love, this book shows the importance of having the right to love. This is not a love story, but a story about fighting for human rights, even if it means speaking up to those in power. Suitable for: ages fo...

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