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6 Great Biologists And Their Feats

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Biology is a wonderful stream of science; it’s about life itself. It covers the beings who breathe, and the ones who don’t, but are alive nonetheless. Moreover, biology is seeing some amazing leaps in the field, from our almost science-fictional ability to 3-D print hearts, to the smaller improvements in our living standards that have highly raised our life expectancy in the previous centuries.

If you see your child being drawn to the study of living beings then this ClipBook is especially great for you, because it collects the discoveries and lives of some of the greatest biologist witnessed by this world. And in case your child seems not too interested, maybe showing this to her would spark her interest in the science of life. Either way, to learn about the people who discovered some of the most basic and essential aspects of our lives, that we have come to take for granted, is inspiring. Go through our ClipBook to learn about the woman who discovered the shape of the DNA, and the man who gave his name to the process of ‘pasteurisation’. 


Hippocrates (460 Bce – 370 Bce)

You might recognise his name from an oath that medical students take on graduation. Even if he probably didn’t write the oath, Hippocrates is a major figure in the field of medicine. Though because he lived so long ago it’s not very clear what is ...

Charles Darwin (1802 - 1882)

Darwin has earned his fame for developing the ‘Theory of Evolution’, which was a radical thought at the time, and still is in many places. He is the reason we study evolution in our schools and know that we are decedents of the animals who love ea...

Gregor Mendel (1822 - 1884)

This Austrian monk managed to become the father of modern genetics through his work and observations on pea plants. Through these plants her understood what the basic principles on which heredity functioned were.

Louis Pasteur (1822–1895)

We get the word pasteurized from his name, because he was the one to discover that microorganisms are responsible for disease and fermentation. He was even the first one to create vaccines for diseases like anthrax and cholera.

Rachel Carson (1907–1964)

Rachel Carson wore many hats. She was a marine biologist, a writer, an environmentalist, and an activist. She is the one who first discovered the negative impact on the environment of using fertilizers and pesticides. She was very driven by wantin...

Rosalind Franklin (1920 – 1958)

The woman who was vital to discovering that the DNA had a double helix structure is often left in the shadows and not recognized for her work. It was because of a picture she took through X-ray crystallography, that other scientists were able to a...

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