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6 Funny Videos On Babies And Food


The most beautiful thing about being a parent is that you get to participate and observe as your newborn goes through various stages — turning over, learning to crawl or gurgle, and finally walk. Similarly, his first smile and the first time he calls out to you, are precious moments etched forever in your heart. Another milestone memory has to do with the development of baby's tastebuds. How your child reacts to a particular food or the first time he tries out sour, sweet and tangy tastes, can be delightful. What's more, the first time he experiences something cold like ice cream will be absolutely adorable to watch. 

As parents, we all know the important role food plays in the growth and development of your baby. But, feeding time can also become an unforgettable experience for parents and a sensory exploration for baby. So, try to capture her reaction when your child tastes a new food or ingredient. Years later, these will make for cherished family moments and incredible memories. 

Flip through the pages of this ClipBook to check out funny videos where babies are trying out foods like lemon, chocolate, ice cream or avocado, for the first time! Watch the videos along with your child and laugh out loud.


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