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6 Fun Clay Projects For Your Child


Clay is an enormously versatile medium. For millenia, mankind has moulded clay to make pots, utensils, sculptures and inscriptions. While this material has many practical uses, it can also be used as a great learning tool for children. 

Clay can be found in almost every preschool or kindergarten across the country. This is because playing with it equips children with a range of valuable skills. For one, clay teaches children how to be creative. Children can use their imagination to mould the clay into anything they can think off.

Clay also plays an important role in a child's physical development. Not only does it improve hand-eye coordination, it also develops fine motor skills in young children. 

With all of the benefits that it offers, as a parent you should be encouraging your child to play with clay as much as possible. Here are some fun clay projects for your child to try out.


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