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6 Foods For Cold And Flu


You are down with the cold and flu, which can be annoying. A steady intake of medicines has improved your condition somehow but you are still far from recovery. What do you do? Well, eat certain foods that are known to fight the cold and flu.

Some foods that can help you fight cold and flu include:

Chicken soup: Chicken soup does more than just nourish the mind and soul. It helps a lot when you are down with cold. According to the article, Chicken soup for colds and flu: Does it really help?, published in CBS News by Ashley Welch in 2016, all liquid broth soups will speed up the movement of mucous in the nose and are hydrating as well. Chicken soup can also help reduce inflammation associated with cold and flu, providing some symptom relief.

Garlic: Garlic has been depicted in horror movies as protection against evil, but it is one effect remedy for cold and flu. Garlic can be taken in pill form, but fresh garlic provides the greatest benefits. Organically grown garlic tends to have higher sulphur content, a strong taste and more medicinal value.

Mushrooms: Mushrooms are loaded with selenium, B vitamins and antioxidants. Asian varieties of mushroom such as shiitake and maitake are rich in nutrients that help prevent coughs and cold.

Apart from the foods mentioned above, there are others such as ginger, citrus fruits and bell peppers that can help in your fight against cold and flu. Know more by flipping through the pages of this ClipBook.



Garlic's most powerful medicinal effects are when it is eaten raw and crushed. The allicin within the garlic is lost when cooked which reduces its effectiveness. Cooked garlic is a less powerful antibiotic but it is still a benefit to the cardiova...


One of the best ways to deal with the cold and flu is to treat it as soon as you see initial symptoms. Instead of depending on antiviral medicines every time, it is better to treat it with home remedies.


Keep a ready supply of mushrooms over the winter as these fungi are loaded with selenium, B vitamins, and antioxidants. Asian varieties such as shiitake and maitake have even more nutrients to help you prevent coughs and colds.

Chicken Soup

Chicken soup, also known affectionately as “mama’s penicillin,” has long been touted as a dish to be served when you’re ill and not without reason. The broth will help to thin mucus, easing sinus pain, and it can also soothe sore throats—as long a...

Citrus Fruits

Can a citrus fruit cure cough? Actually, there is so much myth related to cough and cold that people often get confused.

Bell Peppers

Bell peppers contain high levels of vitamin C, which is well known for helping people reduce the symptoms of winter bugs and reducing the duration of the illness. Yellow peppers can be eaten raw as a salad ingredient or added to cooked dishes.

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