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6 Famous Fictional Fathers


We all know the importance of a mother. But, the role of a father is no less important.

A father is seen as the provider of the family and is supposed to be strict and generally the one to hide his feelings. However, a father can love and care like a mother.

From the respect-inducing Atticus Finch to the timid but loving Bob Cratchit, this ClipBook looks at some famous fictional fathers.


Atticus Finch In To Kill A Mockingbird

The absolute acme of model fathership. Atticus Finch has moral fibre, is dignified, brave, loyal and kind – traits that any child would wish to see shine in their dad. Memorably brought to life by Gregory Peck in the big screen adaptation, but it’...

Mr. Edward Rochester In Jane Eyre

Mr. Rochester is stern-featured, heavy-browed, craggy-faced, rude, abrupt, likes to order people around, keeps his wife locked in the attic, and teases Jane on at least one occasion until she cries. But he’s real and a genuine-seeming character, n...

Sirius Black In Harry Potter Series

Another famous literary father who is technically not a biological dad, Sirius Black is the only father figure whom Harry Potter ever really knows (other than Dumbledore, perhaps, but that’s a whole other story.) Although Sirius isn’t always the g...

Bob Cratchit In A Christmas Carol

Is Bob Cratchit a weak and feeble man? Or an honourable character merely doing his best for his family in extremely trying circumstances? Sentimentalists to the core, we favour the later explanation. His bond with his children, notably the cripple...

Jean Valjean In Les Misérables

The heroic and noble Jean Valjean was not a biological father to Cosette, but his actions demonstrate that it takes more than just fathering a child to be a real dad. Valjean is a man of virtue and conscience – his kindly actions continually put h...

Baba In The Kite Runner

Khaled Hosseini’s novel, set in war-ravaged Afghanistan, is filled with complex and poignant father/son relationships. In “Baba,” Hosseini has created a bulwark of integrity and courage, a father figure before whom son Amir can’t help but feel tha...

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