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6 Essential Skills Your Child Needs In College

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College can be a very exciting part of your child's life. Many adults describe their college days as some of the best ones.

However, simply getting a seat in a good institution is not enough to ensure that your child succeeds at college. Even good academic performance should not be seen as a measure of overall success. 

College isn't just about getting a degree and securing a well-paying job. Those three or more years your child spends in college are also meant to holistically develop him into a well-rounded adult. 

In order to get the most out of college and develop a strong character your child needs some additional skills that are not necessarily taught in the classroom. Read through our clips to find out what these essential skills are.


Money Management

College is an important phase in a child's life. They begin to realise that they will not be able to rely on their parents forever to meet their financial needs. Parents generally give children a fixed amount of money per month while they're in co...


Networking is essential in college and is invaluable in creating opportunities for your child in the job market. It can be a little difficult to build professional relationships with peers and professors but doing so is crucial. Not only do they h...

Time Management

There are a lot of things to do for a student in college like participating in sporting events, extra-curricular activities, social events and of course, regular classes. Being able to do all of these things and still get a good night's sleep requ...

Organization Skills

Developing organisational skills is essential to avoid pulling all-nighters in order to complete assignments and study for tests. The ability to plan, set priorities and execute all come into play here. The fast-paced environment of college promis...

Emotional Intelligence

The stress of college and the larger challenges of adolescence mean that developing good emotional intelligence and positive coping strategies is vital for your child. Being thrust into a new environment, having to make new friends and contemplati...

Critical Thinking

Developing critical thinking will enable your child to go beyond the mere memorisation of facts and empower them to find their own voice and formulate their own opinions. This will be particularly helpful in the emerging job market which focuses m...

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