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6 Children Who Changed The World


Whi.e most of us dream of changing the world, only a few manage to do it. Of these, some do not even wait to grow up, they begin changing the world right from the time they are  child. 

We bring to you a selection of some of the bravest and brighest children the world has seen.Whether it's fighting for the rights of people, calling attention to atrocities or inventing helpful devices, these children always have other's best interests at heart. They are not afraid to dream beyond their years and  have the courage to do big things even though they are still growing. 

Swipe through pages of our ClipBook to discover just who exactly some of these world-changers are. Share their stories with your child and motivate him to make the world a better place. 


Malala Yousafzai

Malala Yousafzai is a Pakistani activist who fought for the education of girls. Facing opposition from the Taliban, Malala made many speeches advocating for education of the girl child in Pakistan. She was shot by a gunman when she was just 15. Bu...

Anne Frank

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl born in 1929. She and her family were forced to move to the Netherlands from Germany because they were Jews. They hid in a secret apartment until 1944 when they were discovered and sent to concentration camps. Anne did...

Om Prakash Gurjar

Born in 1992, Om Prakash Gurjar hails from Rajasthan. When he was just five, he was kidnapped and forced to work in the fields for three long years. Gurjar was saved and today fight's for the rights of young children. In 2006, at the age of 14, h...

Bana Al-Abed

Bana al-Abed shot to fame on Twitter at the young age of eight when she began making a series of posts about the plight of people in Syria. Battered by airstrikes and civil war, the city of Aleppo which Bana hails from, saw scores of deaths every ...

Ann Makosinski

Ann Makosinski is a young inventor who developed a flashlight that runs on the heat of the human hand. She did this to make studying easier for children in parts of the world which face electricity problems. For her invention, Ann won the Google S...

Hector Pieterson

Hector Pietersen became the face of an anti-apartheid uprising in South Africa after he was shot dead at the age of 12. Years after his death, Hector would serve as an inspiration to millions of South Africans who sought to break free from the sha...

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