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6 Child Artists To Inspire Your Child

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Ever since humans began roaming on Earth, they began producing works of art. The numerous cave paintings found in different parts of the world prove this fact.

Art is not just about expressing creativity and making something beautiful, it is also about showcasing one's culture to the world. Different forms of art play an important role in our lives. For example, music affects our mood, drawing and painting helps us develop powers of focus and concentration.

Although, art plays such an important role in our lives and benefits us in so many ways, not many parents are eager to motivate their children to learn and practise any form of art.

However, there are many children who have gained fame worldwide for being great artists. Our ClipBook brings to you six such child artists.


Hamzah Marbella

Twelve-year-old Hamzah Marbella is happily painting his way to local and international recognition. His big dream is to be recognized as a National Artist by the government when he grows up...

Advait Kolarkar

The preschooler is already selling his paintings for thousands of dollars and has had his art featured in three exhibits. At the tender age of 4 years, Advait isn't playing with toys but showing his creativity and talent on the canvas...

Elisabeth Anisimow

The child art prodigy has raked in about $35,000 in art sales. The 11-year-old is based in Los Angeles. She sold her first painting when she was only nine years old. She says that this helped her realise that she could make money even while she wa...

Aelita Andre

The paintings of seven-year-old Aelita Andre have been sold for tens of thousands of dollars, raising the question of what separates true, precocious genius from mere youthful creativity with hype.

Kieron Williamson

This young artist from Norfolk, England created quite a stir in the art world when he was six years old. His paintings are now exhibited at prominent galleries around the world.

Marla Olmstead

Marla Olmstead laughs loudly when asked if she considers herself a prodigy. Then she answers with a quick “no." She became a star when she was only 4 years old. Her abstract paintings used to fetch very high prices...

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