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6 Best Websites For Learning Courses Online

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The internet is everywhere today, much to the dismay of many parents. However, it can be a great tool for learning when used in the right way. 

In this ClipBook we collect some of the best websites for online courses on the net today. These websites range from offering very advanced and technical courses, to courses that two-year-olds can learn from. Even the range of topics and subjects covered is so wide that your child will find a topic of interest easily. 


Khan Academy

Khan Academy was founded by Sal Khan. Khan says he was inspired to create the platform when he was teaching his cousins over the internet using a doodling service from Yahoo! When he saw how useful his cousins found his online lectures he started ...

E-Learning For Kids

This website provides content for students at the primary level and ranges for courses on typical subjects like maths, to slightly off-beat subjects like life skills. It’s free and suited for any child between the ages of five and twelve.


Though it says it is platform focusing on working professionals, Udemy has multiple courses designed specifically for children, whether it’s about kids coding, art for kids or learning piano for kids. It offers these courses at very affordable pri...


Skillshare offers only self-paced courses, so that there is no pressure or obstacles for people wanting to learn the skills taught on the website. It has thousands of courses available, which range from water colouring to public speaking to progra...


edX was founded by MIT and Harvard Universities in 2012 to provide people access to courses through the internet from some of the best universities worldwide. The courses available on this website is primarily for older children and even for worki...


Coursera was founded by a couple of professors working at Stanford’s computer science department, driven by their desire to share their knowledge with as many people as possible. So, they decided to record and upload their lectures on the web in a...

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