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6 Best Laptops For Teens



What Are The Benefits Of Laptops For Teens?

Laptops are embraced because of the technological tools they offer combined with their portability. Not only are they becoming more popular for home use, but many schools are starting to incorporate them into their classrooms as well. By writing o...

Samsung Chromebook 2

Rather than following the flock of Chromebooks with cheap plastic bodies, Samsung opted to give the Chromebook2, a cloud-based laptop, a leatherette finish on its lid, plus a 1080p display for the 13-inch model.

Acer C720 Chromebook

The C720 has an Intel Celeron CPU, is small and cheap and it promises much for those who want to switch to the Google-powered OS - but does it deliver? Find out in our Acer C720 review.

Acer Chromebook, Cb3-111-C670

The Acer CB3-111 is one of the cheapest laptops available and it does a good job of being clean, stable and efficient within 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. It runs ChromeOS and might be suitable for you. Read on for more details, performance and ...

Toshiba Chromebook 2

Chromebooks are generally cheap and cheerful but are hampered by dull design and poor quality screens. The Chromebook 2 is different. It’s attractive, has an excellent screen and is outstanding value for money. Read on to find out why we like it s...

Asus Chromebook Flip

This machine, made by ASUS, is notable on a few counts. With a 10-inch screen, it's one of the smallest around, even if it does go back to the days of the netbook. It's one of the few with a 360-degree rotating touchscreen. The build quality is be...

Lenovo S21e 80m4002dus

This small laptop goes by an item name Lenovo S21e 80M4002DUS. For those concerned about the quality, it is quite a good one. Naturally, a good product would be sold with high enough price. However, it isn’t so with this product.

Laptop Buying Tips

Going off to high school or college without a decent laptop is like refusing to use pencil and paper. It instantly puts a ceiling on how much students can learn, how far they can go and how many lifelong abilities they can acquire. But don't just ...

Best Laptop For Teens 2016

These laptops are perfect for teenagers’ homework and studies, as well as their social lives! Teens use laptops to work, play, design, and develop their creativity. When picking a laptop for your teen, take a good look at the following factors.

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