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6 Benefits Of Spending Time With Nature


Unchecked urbanisation is pushing nature out of the lives of humans. And, with lifestyles becoming busier, we are forgetting to spend time with nature. However, research has shown that the benefits humans can derive by spending time with nature are many and diverse.

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Increases Environmental Consciousness

Protecting the environment can be as easy as telling your kids to go outdoors and play, according to a new UBC study. Research by Catherine Broom, assist. prof. in the Faculty of Education...

Enhances Creativity

Any person with a desk job has probably had that one moment where they look outside into the world and think they could do more, work better and get more accomplished if they could just have...

Unlocks Imagination

Want to be more creative? Drop that iPad and head to the great outdoors. That's the word from David Strayer, a cognitive neuroscientist who studies multitasking at the University of Utah. He knew that every...

Eases Stress

“Nature therapies are being used very successfully to ease both emotional and physical trauma, and stress is one more form of this,” says Linda Buzzell, co-editor of the book...

Enhances Imagination

It is through unstructured, open-ended creative play that children learn the ways of the world. While playing outside, children explore with all their senses, they witness new life, they create imaginary...

Increases Happiness

Researchers have found that children who spent from five to 10 hours a week outdoors have a stronger sense of self-fulfillment and purpose than those who don’t...

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