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5 Surprising Benefits Of Milk For Children


Milk is known as the complete food for children and with good reason. It is an excellent source of calcium for all ages, especially children.

Milk is rich in protein which is good for muscle repair. There are different types of milk like flavoured, un-flavoured and other alternatives but when it comes to cow’s milk all of them have similar protein and calcium content.

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Supplies Vital Minerals And Vitamins

Milk is loaded with healthy vitamins and minerals, which keep your little one active, healthy and strong. The nutrients present in milk are great for your kid’s eyesight.

Milk Is Rich In Calcium

Milk is one of the best sources of calcium that your kid can consume. Calcium strengthens the bones and prevents childhood obesity. It will also help your kid manage weight, as it helps to reduce unwanted fat from the body.

Vitamin D In Fortified Milk

Vitamin D, found in fortified milk, helps your child absorb calcium from various sources. Vitamin D can help to reduce inflammation and boosts your kid’s immune system.

Healthy Teeth

Calcium and phosphorous, which are crucial to your kid’s dental health and tooth development, is found in milk. It helps to form a thin film on your kid’s teeth’s enamel surface and helps to prevent the loss of calcium and phosphate.

Good For Blood Pressure Levels

Drinking milk can help your kid’s blood pressure levels stay in check. Children should consume at least three portions of milk each day along with a healthy and balanced diet.

Keeps Your Kid Hydrated

Milk contains a good amount of water molecules so it helps keep your child hydrated. Children who are constantly active and running around must stay hydrated. Read on to know how this works.

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