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5 Steps To Prevent Cold And Flu In Your Child


We have all suffered from that frustrating flu with a runny nose, non-stop sneezes, watery eyes, headaches and body pains. Although the fever does come down to normal temperature in a day or two, other symptoms such as body pain and sniffles persist for a while, before completely going away.

Cold and flu are two of the most common respiratory illnesses that are spread by viruses in the environment. Although they are almost impossible to differentiate, the symptoms of cold are less distressing as compared to the flu, and also improve quickly within a week. On the other hand, the flu takes at least two to three weeks to cure. 

So, how can you and your child stay safe this monsoon and winter season? To begin with, there are some basic steps that everyone at home can adhere to. These healthy habits on a regular basis can protect one from viruses, kill germs, prevent sniffles and strengthen the immune system. 

Flip through this ClipBook to be equipped with 5 easy ways by which you can safeguard yourself and your child from the cold and flu. 


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1. Wash Those Germs Away

Washing hands with soap and keeping them clean is one of the most easiest and effective ways to keep germs at bay. This habit kills germs and thereby cold, flu and other respiratory illnesses can be prevented from affecting your child's health.

2. Use A Hand Sanitiser

Soap and water cannot be carried with you easily everywhere. It is in times like these that a hand sanitiser comes absolutely handy. An alcohol-based hand sanitiser in a travel-friendly size can be easily carried around in your bag and has the pot...

3. Keep Your Child Away From Infected People

The study, ‘Infectious virus in exhaled breath of symptomatic seasonal influenza cases from a college community’, led by the University of Maryland, in 2018, confirms that flu-causing virus can be spread just by breathing. The air around the sick ...

4. Keep Your Surroundings Clean

A healthy environment leads to a healthy lifestyle. Dirty shoes, food that is left uncovered and lack of bathroom hygiene are some of the major reasons for germ development in the house. Households and schools should be kept highly hygienic; if no...

5. Instil Healthy Habits In Children

Instil healthy habits in your children early and make it a part of their daily routine. Good habits are effective in the prevention of cold and flu viruses. Do not compromise on your children's diet, sleep routines, or hygienic practices at any co...

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