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5 Must-haves For Your Child's Birthday Party


Planning a big birthday party for your little one can be exciting but sometimes overwhelming too. Here is a helping hand!

If you have ordered a big yummy cake and stuck some balloons and streamers on the walls, allow us to let you know, it is not enough. Kids today are so up-to-date on the party trends — albeit because of the smartphones and school conversations that they are exposed to — kids' expectations of their birthday party might be a little upbeat.

So, it is time to equip yourself with the latest party trends and ideas that kids would enjoy and cherish, such that it leaves a pleasant and lasting impact on everyone.

We understand how difficult a task it can be, so flip through our ClipBook for the 5 must-haves for your child's birthday party. Further, we have also included some tips related to planning the birthday, party etiquette, scrumptious menu ideas and extra games for the party.


1. The Big Fat Cake

Birthday parties are incomplete without yes, birthday cakes! This is by default the first and most important factor of any birthday party. Get creative with decorative theme-based cakes in tune with your child's favourite cartoon character or some...

2. Dessert Table

Kids enjoy yummy desserts. A cheerful dessert table with a lovely spread of cupcakes, muffins, chocolates, cookies and fruit juices served in colours of the party theme will be the highlight of the show. Here are some ideas!

3. Party Games Kids Will Love

Birthdays are not just about cakes, candy and cookies. Add a little fun to make your child's party come alive! What better way to do so than some interesting fun-filled games for children to engage in, play and giggle!

4. Photo Booth

With an increasing number of likes on Instagram, photobooth is a trending highlight in birthday parties. Take that plain-looking wall and transform it into something Insta-picture-ready. Glam up your wall in sync with your child's birthday party t...

5. Return Gifts And Party Favours

Even if you throw the biggest party in town, what the little guests will cherish for the longest time, are the party favours. These takeaway gifts will serve as a memory of your child's birthday. But take heart, these do not have to be expensive, ...

A Parent's Guide To Birthday Party Rules

Do you sweat about your child’s birthday party and how your kids would behave? Or what to do if your little one gets annoyed and throws a tantrum? Here are some tips on birthday party etiquette.

9 Birthday Party Games Children Will Enjoy

What’s a fun birthday bash without some entertaining games that will keep the children on their toes? Try these for your little one’s special day and we guarantee you everyone will have a gala time.

Mouth-Watering Menu Ideas For Your Child’S Birthday Party

Food is without doubt the key element to any party — more so when children are your main guests! As a parent, you have to ensure that the food is tempting enough, but also, not overly unhealthy. Here are some delectable menu ideas from starters to...

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