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5 Healthy Dessert Choices For Your Preschooler


Do you wonder if you can allow your little one to have a sugar-loaded dessert every day? Are you worried that your toddler is eating too many sweet treats?   

According to an article, "Kids and dessert: How much is too much?" in The Washington Post, a child who eats well on his own all day can probably have a sweet snack more often than a child who isn’t getting enough nutrients in his body. Protein and healthful fats slow down the effect of sugar and simple carbohydrates, so a child eating well throughout the day might be less affected by any sugar consumed.

Here is a way out -- as long as the dessert is healthy, it is a win-win situation. Here we give you a compilation of desserts that are healthy and your child will love.   


Children And Dessert: How Much Is Too Much?

How often should children be given dessert? There really isn’t one right answer, because all children are not the same. Some are more susceptible to a sugar addiction, some eat healthy throughout the day while others do not. Read on to know how mu...

Fresh Fruits

Fruits are loaded with nutrients and naturally sweet, which makes them a good substitute for sugar. You can use fruits to make many desserts as this will impart their refreshing flavours and mild sweetness to the dessert. This is one reason that m...

Chocolate Almond Butter

This filling dessert is not only delicious due to the presence of chocolate but it will provide you with additional fiber from the bread and super-healthy fatty acids from the almonds.

Plain Yogurt

Does your child love flavoured yogurt? Try giving him yogurt with fruits or chocolate flavoured yogurt. Plain yogurt is a better choice because it does not have the added sugar, colours and additives like some flavoured yogurts. It is also a great...

Raspberries Filled With Chocolate

This is a very simple and elegant dessert that is prepared with chocolate. Chocolate-filled raspberries can make a perfect ending to a meal. Plus, raspberries are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fiber.

Chocolate Avocado Pudding

This chocolate avocado pudding provides nutrients from all the ingredients and tastes like a rich brownie pudding. This dessert is perfectly healthy for all children.

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