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5 Habits Of Successful Parents

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Parenting is not an easy job and there is no one right way to successfully raise a child. But, there are a few things that successful parents do to ensure an all-round development of their child.

The says any good parent wants their child to stay out of trouble, do well in school and go on to achieve success, both professionally and personally, as adults.

According to an article titled, '7 Habits Of Highly Successful Parents' by Meredith Carroll published in in 2015, "the definition of successful parents is one that is universally shared and also one that has much more to do with parents and very little to do with their children."

Some habits of successful parents are:

  • They are ready for certain situations beforehand. For instance, they can sense when the baby is about to throw up and take appropriate decisions, which means there is no mess to clean up.
  • They have the ability to handle their children during times when they would throw up tantrums or ask inane questions or make absurd demands.
  • They can multitask. They can read bedtime stories while drinking water or having meals.

Apart from the above, some other habits of successful parents are letting their children play, limiting their children’s TV time, fostering the little artist in them, snuggling up to their children and talking to them.

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Habits Successful Parents Swear By

Success is in the eye of the beholder, and as it applies to parents, each one has their own definition. However, the definition(s) of highly successful parents is one that is nearly universally shared, and also one that has much more to do with th...

Habit 1: Being A Good Communicator

Greater openness is important because, while 21st Century children are articulate beyond belief, children don’t always open up about what really bothers them or about their lives. Here are ways to communicate with your children.

Habit 2: Loving Unconditionally

Unconditional parenting starts with you making a conscious decision about the way you want to relate to your children. It starts with you deciding to show unconditional love and support for your kids no matter how they behave and regardless of wha...

Habit 3: Staying Consistent In Your Parenting Style

How do you relinquish some of a child's care without losing the rules and rituals you've established for everything from bedtime to eating to discipline? "Consistency between parents and caregivers is very important," says Bernard Arons, M.D., dir...

Habit 4: Learning To Connect With Your Child

The most basic way to connect with your children is to talk to them. Tell them about your day and ask about theirs. Try to remember everything they tell you. Children have a memory that just won’t quit sometimes, and they expect you to have the same.

Habit 5: Demonstrating Respect For Your Child

Demonstrating respect for kids is one successful way parents can try to discipline their kids. Try these 5 ways to show respect to children, develop their capability and avoid power struggles.

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