2016 : Low-expectation Parenting

My Low-Expectation Parenting Goals For The New Year

Author, poet, humorist, avid reader. Wife of one, mama of six. Blogger at Crash Test Parents and Racheltoalson.com Every new year, Husband and I make goals for everything. And I mean everything. Spiritual, financial, personal, business-related, ma...

Fred A. Bernstein: The Parenting Of Low Expectations

Foreword to "52 Weeks of Parenting Wisdom: Effective Strategies for Raising Respectful, Happy Kids" by Meg Akabas by Fred A. Bernstein Recently, I organized a birthday party for my sons -- energetic seven-year-old twins. The party consisted of tak...

How Do Parental Expectations Affect Kids? - Mom.Me

Your tween rolls her eyes at most of what you say, and you wonder, "Is she even listening to me?" The truth is, kids value their parents' opinions above all others, even when they seem disinterested. The expectations you have for your kids send a ...

Is 'Expectations' A Bad Word In Parenting?

The teenage years can be as confusing and daunting for teens as for parents -- sometimes more so for the parents. Parents are left at the receiving end of anything from cold shoulders to caustic innuendos. Yes, during the teen years, the emotional...

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2016 : Low-expectation Parenting

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My Low-Expectation Parenting Goals for the New Year