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20 Phobias Every Child Goes Through


Can a child be afraid of flowers? It might seem absurd but there is a phobia of flowers called Anthophobia. Likewise, there are many phobias every child goes through.

Characterised by excessive fear reaction, phobias can develop at almost any age. It can often be linked to an early negative childhood experience.

Phobias and fears in children are very manageable, and with the right guidance and strategies, children can be encouraged to overcome these phobias.

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An Age-By-Age Guide To Kids' Phobias

It is heartbreaking for parents when they have to watch their children struggle with fear. Every child has a phobia of her or his own. It may be a fear of the dark, a fear of heights, or even a fear of something as simple as the weather. Read this...

Anthophobia: Fear Of Flowers

Anthophobia is an intense fear of flowers that, in reality, poses little or no actual danger. While flowers might seem to be a strange thing to fear, part of being diagnosed with a phobia is that the fear is irrational and persistent.

Nyctophobia: Fear Of The Dark

Lots of children are afraid of the dark. Whether it’s the boogeyman in the closet or a monster under the bed that’s haunting them, here’s how parents can help their children conquer this particular fear.

Mastigophobia: Fear Of Punishment

Mastigaphobia, also known as poinephobia, is the irrational and abnormal fear of punishment. Effective discipline helps children learn to control their behavior so that they act according to their ideas of what is right and wrong, not because they...

Pediophobia: The Fear Of Dolls

Many parents want their children, especially little girls, to love dolls. The fear of dolls is relatively common. It is believed to be a type of automatonophobia, or fear of humanoid figures. Some people are afraid of all dolls and stuffed toys, w...

Didaskaleinophobia: Fear Of School

Children are often known to “play truant” or skip school. However, those who do so aren’t always afraid of school. Anger or boredom are the more common reasons behind their behaviour.

Coulrophobia: Fear Of Clowns

The fear of clowns is a fairly common phobia, mainly in children but it is also seen in adults. The phobia can range from mild to very severe and it is called Coulrophobia. Coulrophobia includes the fear of both clowns and mimes.

Dentophobia: Fear Of The Dentist

Young children are especially susceptible to developing fears of dental visits, even if the procedures are relatively basic or banal. By taking some precautions and communicating effectively with your child about their experience with the dentist,...

Social Phobia: Fear Of Meeting People

Children with social phobia can usually interact easily with family and a few close friends. But, meeting new people, talking in a group, or speaking in public can cause their extreme shyness to kick in.

Astraphobia: Fear Of The Weather

Astraphobia is the clinical name for the fear of thunder and lightning. Children who suffer from an excessive fear often sweat, shake or cry during a storm or just before one begins. Children with astraphobia may seek shelter during a storm, such ...

Zoophobia: Fear Of Animals

Most children are happy to play with a cute, little puppy. But some display an unusually strong fear toward certain animals. A child may acquire a specific animal phobia from a very negative experience involving an animal. Click on this article to...

Xenophobia: Fear Of Strangers

Fear of strangers is a normal part of young children’s development. Although fear of strangers usually passes by around 18 months of age, it can go on for longer. Here are some practical strategies which can help your child feel less upset while h...

Nosocomephobia: Fear Of Hospitals

A study conducted by the Grünenthal Foundation in 20 hospitals collected relevant and accurate information about how children experience their hospitalisation process, what aspects of their admission and stay they are mainly concerned about or fee...

Trypanophobia: Fear Of Injections.

Getting needle vaccinations might help protect children against various illnesses, but they sure do hurt. It's no wonder most children are scared of getting shots. Here are seven tips to help make the next doctor's visit a little smoother experience.

Acrophobia: Fear Of Heights.

Fear of heights is a common fright in people of all ages and is a natural extension of our normal instincts that steer us away from danger. However, some children may take this anxiety to the extreme. Here are a few things you can do to reduce the...

Arachnophobia: Fear Of Spiders

One of the most common fears that children suffer from is the fear of spiders. This fear can be overwhelming for some children, making them have nightmares and lose sleep. If a fear of spiders is overwhelming your child, then follow these five ste...

Clinophobia: Fear Of Going To Bed.

Many children go through phases of having fears associated with nighttime and going to bed. These fears can take different forms, from the proverbial monster in the closet to the fear that parents may not be there when they wake up to a simple fea...

Ichthyophobia: Fear Of Fish

It is quite common to be afraid of sharks (Galeophobia), but many times, individuals are even afraid of small and seemingly harmless fish. Such an irrational or persistent fear of fish is called Ichthyophobia.

Lachanophobia: Fear Of Vegetables

There are many children who simply dislike vegetables and try to avoid eating them. However, lachanophobia is more than a simple dislike; it is an irrational fear of vegetables. Read on to find out more about fear of vegetables.

Oneirophobia: Fear Of Dreams

Nightmares in children are common and mostly normal. When your child wakes from nightmares or bad dreams, she needs comfort and reassurance.

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