20 Fun Toddler Activities

1. Paper Bag Bear Puppet

Puppet making is good craft activities for children. Puppets are easy to make and children will enjoy to make puppets. This paper bag bear puppet is easy.

2. Indoor Basketball

Can't get the family outside? Don't worry, you can play indoor basketball inside the house any time of the day or night and it's so much fun for kids!

3. Lily Pads

Who knew a pile of socks could be so much fun for kids? Leaping lily pads is a great family game to play before the folding of the socks is complete!

4. Crown - Arts And Crafts

When your child makes this silver foil crown they can play dress ups fit for a queen or king! This arts and crafts activity is loads of fun for kids!

5. Make Play Binoculars

Enlighten your child's artistic ability and make a pair of play binoculars. It is a project that kids of all ages will love to make.

6. Build A Play Box Car

This great art and craft activity is so much fun for kids. They will have hours of enjoyment with this cardboard car as they pretend and make believe fun!

7. Balloon Game

Looking for great party games? Balloon bop is a great balloon game for kids of all ages. Party games not only help pass the time, the keep the kids smiling

8. Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt is a fun game for any birthday party! Children will love searching for the special treats waiting to be found on the treasure hunt.

10. Table Tent

This great art and craft activity will bring loads of fun for kids as they create their own place and play underneath their cool looking table tent.

11. Dot Painting

With this great art and craft activity you can create beautiful dot paintings with nothing more than a cotton tip and paint. It's so much fun for kids!

12. Make A Phone

Craft your child a phone with this activity that encourages role playing and imaginative play. Make a phone art project for kids is fun and simple.

Create A Colour Collage - Kidspot Australia

Create a collage with these fun activities for kids. This craft project will enhance any project for school. Add some art and craft to projects.

Make An Indoor Cubby House - Family Games - Kids Activities And Games

Click here to watch an easy how-to video showing how to make a cubby house for kids. Making an indoor cubby house is a fun activity for kids

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20 Fun Toddler Activities

20 Fun Toddler Activities