12 Life Skills For Your Teen

The Ability To Cope With Loneliness

Coping with loneliness is a very important life skill on my list of needed independent living skills for teens because every teen I've ever known has needed it. Teens who know how to recognize loneliness as the temporary feeling it is, use their s...

Finding And Keeping A Job Life Skills

In order to live independently, your teen will need to have a job. The job will need to make enough money to cover their living expenses, at minimum. Today’s happy young adult has a job that contributes to a high quality of life and not just monet...

Life Skills Your Teen Needs To Be Independent

Life Skills will help your teen be independent and able to live on their own, which is the goal of a successful young adult and their parents. But it isn't easy. Older teens often feel they can take the big step towards independent living without ...

The Ability To Procure And Cook Food

Teens should be able to stir up a satisfying meal with very less resources. They should also adapt to diverse tastes and cuisines and build a strong stomach. Parents can expose teens to foods from different cultures. Food festivals in your city ca...

Good Health And Hygiene Skills

In order for your teen to be happy while they live independently, they will need to be successful at keeping their bodies healthy and clean. These life skills are taught throughout your teen's childhood and adolescence by encouraging good hygiene ...

Teaching Transportation

One life skill that teens need to learn to become independent but generally leave to their parents or caregivers, is transportation or getting from Point A to Point B. Here is a list of transportation lessons - and experiences if you can swing it ...

General Household Chores

Involve your teenager in simple household chores to begin with. Show them by example that no work is below their dignity. Set up challenges and rewards to motivate them into doing the chores. Vary daily chores, so they don't get bored by monotony....

Money Skills Every Teen Needs To Be Independent

Teens need independent living skills to be successful as adults. Here is some advice for parents to teach their older teens and young adults money skills.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are very important for a teen to know how to survive in an environment away from home. Start them early by interacting with extended families and friends, sending them to camps and getting them to volunteer at old age homes. A...

Goal Setting And Attaining Skills

Defining what it is you want is called setting a goal. Figuring out and taking the actions you need to get your goal is how you obtain that goal. Both of these are important life skills. Learning how to set and obtain a goal are necessary life ski...

Teaching Time Management Skills

Time management is an important skill for teens to learn in order to be successful. Parents, learn how you can teach your teen to use good time management skills.

Teaching Your Teen How To Deal With An Emergency

Emergencies happen every day. Get help teaching your teen how to deal with them independently with this article.

Personal Safety Skills

It is very important for teens have a sense of personal safety. By the time they hit their teens, they should be mature enough to act with discretion; understand the difference between courage and foolish bravery. They should know when to say no t...

Parenting Quiz: Is Your Teen Independent

Does your teen have adequate life skills to be independent? Take this quiz to find out!

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12 Life Skills For Your Teen

Is education only about learning the 3 Rs? What about important life skills that makes one street smart and independent?