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10 Ways To Garden With A Toddler


Do you want your toddler to fall in love with nature? Then, introduce him to gardening. Apart from allowing your child to engage in physical activity, gardening will also teach him how to grow, nurture and care for plants. You can also use his interest in plants to explain to him the concept of healthy eating. With its numerous benefits, gardening can be a healthy pastime for your child. Flip through the pages of this ClipBook to read more about this topic.


Toddler Garden

Creating a toddler garden is the perfect way of ensuring your toddler can enjoy the delights of being outside and exploring nature safely. Whether you have a small garden which can be made completely toddler-proof or whether you want to design a s...

Gardening With Toddlers: 10 Tips

We know that our little ones love helping. We know that they are usually picky eaters. Almost every avid gardener I know attributes their love for growing things to fond memories of digging in their mom’s or grandma’s garden.

4 Tips For Gardening With Your Toddler

To get your kids to eat more fruits and veggies, get them invested early in life -- the plant's life, that is. "I've never seen a child refuse to eat something she grew herself," says Amanda Grant, author of the brand-new Grow It, Cook It With Kids.

Top 5 Benefits Of Gardening With Kids

Summer is the perfect time to get your kids interested in planting their own garden. The process of planting, caring for and reaping the rewards of hard work will be sure to keep your child engaged and active throughout the season. In addition, it...

Mom's Guide To Gardening With Toddlers And Preschoolers

When it comes to gardening with kids around, there are two ways to look at it. One is to try to figure out how to garden while keeping the kids from getting mixed up in the work. In that case, you work around them, gardening during naptime or when...

10 Ways To Include Toddlers And Preschoolers In The Garden

Children can gain a lot from nature. Engaging your child in gardening can help him connect with nature and grow up into a better human being.

10 Unique Gardening Activities For Kids

Unlike most other activities, gardening is a family activity. Engaging your children with you in planting and maintaining a garden can be an extremely rewarding experience.

Garden Themes For Toddlers – How To Garden With Young Kids

Toddlers love spending time outdoors discovering nature. Your toddler will find lots of things to explore in the garden, and if you are prepared with a few toddler gardening activities, you can enhance his or her experience. Gardening with toddler...

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