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10 Ways To Engage Toddlers This Diwali



10 Ways To Engage Your Toddler This Diwali

Most of us can make our point without too much difficulty. Any time FSAP counselors work with two or more people, both are usually expert at describing everything that is wrong with the other person. But it is rare to find someone who truly knows ...

A Guide To Making Diwali Joyous For Your Child

The little ones are looking forward to Diwali as much as grown-ups are. But the truth is, sometimes, amidst all the hustle and chaos of the Diwali family party, the kids might feel left out or even worse - get bored on their favorite festival!

Tips On Celebrating Diwali With Kids

Diwali is one of the most beautiful Festivals of India and this year the festival of Lights, Diwali is on 26th October 2011 and it is a festival that I have always enjoyed. Ever since my daughter was born this festival has become more revered as d...

Festive Clothing For Toddlers

Every parent fancy embellishing their toddlers in best of the attires, especially in festive season. Diwali is a cause to have fun and all the households of India celebrate the day whole heartedly. There are sweets and crackers, lights and gifts. ...

Diwali For Kids At Home - 5 Creative Festival Celebration Ideas!

Diwali is known as the festival of lights, but it is also a way to be creative as a family, and an opportunity for you to express your culture with your children. Using my own mother as a source of inspiration, here are 5 activities to celebrate t...

Diwali-Festival Themed Toddler Activities!!

I LOVE Diwali…it is such a beautiful festival…and this is my lil boy’s second Diwali, and i wanted to make it super special for him! Ritwik is now 22 months old, and loves his Montessori activities. So i decided to create Diwali-themed activities ...

Diy Diwali Greeting Cards With Toddlers And Kids

Do you have a creative toddler who loves to sneak in to your drawer? Is he always seen with scissors and sketch pens when left alone for a time being?

Rangoli Fun For This Diwali

Rangoli is a FUN activity for any kid. Really helps them explore symmetry and life size drawing. Keeps them moving while learning and having fun! “Diwali ” is coming. As kids, we waited all year long for Diwali.

10 Diwali Themed Coloring Pages For Toddlers

Is your little one looking forward to Diwali? Are you looking for some ways to get her to understand more about why we celebrate it? If you nodded along, then out Diwali-themed coloring pages are here to help. Teach your kids about the traditions ...

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