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10 Things You Didn't Know About Sridevi

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English Vinglish, Chandni, Moondram Pirai, Kshana Kshanam, Nagina, Mr.India…the list is endless. Sridevi is more than just an actress. Her Twitter handle provides a perfect summary of the person that she was - Actor-MOM-Housewife-Actor Again! She will be missed.

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While we know of Sridevi as a great actress, there are many aspects of her life which many of us are not aware of – the Sridevi-Jurassic Park connection, 103-degree fever and the rain song, her brilliant acting skills at age 4 and many more.

This ClipBook will give you rare insights into her great life. Spend time reading it and paying rich tribute to the legendary actress.


As A Child, Sridevi Was Very 'Shy And Lonely'

For someone who was famous for her onscreen persona as a chirpy, lively and bubbly person, Sridevi, in her own words, was a shy and lonely child. In an interview given years ago to a magazine, the actor revealed that she hated crowds and would run...

When Steven Spielberg Wanted To Cast Her In Jurassic Park

Sridevi was the most in-demand actress of her time. In fact, Steven Spielberg, who was making Jurassic Park in 1993, wanted to cast the actress in a small role in the film. However, she was at the peak of her career and felt the role didn’t meet h...

Sridevi Began Acting At The Age Of 4

Did you know that Sridevi began her acting career at an early age? Yes, the diva acted in the 1969 Tamil film, Thunaivan, at the tender age of four years. Here are some of her best childhood roles which will make you say that she was destined for ...

English Vinglish: Unknown Behind The Scenes Stories From Sridevi's Film

The film English Vinglish was a trend-setter when it released in 2012. It also marked the comeback of actor Sridevi. But did you know that her character was based on the director Gauri Shinde’s mother Vaishali Shinde? Go through this article to kn...

Sridevi Was Voted The Greatest Indian Actress In 100 Years

In a CNN-IBN national poll that was conducted in 2013, Sridevi was voted the greatest Indian actress in 100 years and rightly so. With a consistent track record of churning out hit films that are known for their content and stellar acting, Sridevi...

For Sridevi, The Padma Shri Was Special Than 'Other' Awards

When she was awarded the fourth highest civilian award in India, the Padma Shri, Sridevi had made her happiness apparent to one and all. Although the actress said she did not hanker for awards, she was happy that the government had recognised her ...

Sridevi And Her Numerous Awards

Right from the time she entered the industry, Sridevi has won numerous awards for her acting skills. This article looks at the many awards and recognition that she was bestowed upon with.

Sridevi And Her Most Valuable Possession - Her Children

Once, during an interview, Sridevi had said she preferred to be a friend to her daughters, Jhanvi and Khushi, rather than a strict mother as the actress felt she understood that the times were changing.

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