10 Seemingly Useless Leisure Activities

Hanging Out With Friends

Teens sitting in groups and yakking incessantly, a waste of time? Not at all! In fact, they are building strong inter personal relationships, getting insights into how others perceive things and a great lot of information is garnered in the bargai...

Browsing The Internet

You will be amazed at the amount of world knowledge your teen is actually gaining by browsing the internet. We assume that a teen hooked to a gadget is up to no good. But, at least 50% of their gadget time goes into researching a subject of intere...

Watching Tv

Are all TV watching teens couch potatoes in the making? Surely not! You will be surprised at the number of teens being inspired to become a detective, or a wildlife photographer or a chef or a doctor by watching TV shows. Admittedly, these shows a...

Movies At The Multiplex

Is your teen a regular multiplex movie goer? She is learning to develop her sensibilities by watching a surfeit of trashy movies and a few good cinema. She is learning to discern between what is rot and what is not.

Taking Strolls

Teens love to stroll with their friends down the street or by the beach. This gives them an opportunity to observe life around them and the environment. They also pick up the healthy habit of walking to places and get a breath of fresh air too!

Reading Books

Consider yourself blessed if your teen loves reading. Fiction or non fiction your library frequenting teen is expanding his horizons and letting the world into his life.


Your doodling teen is actually trying to assimilate the information around her in her own way. She is also exploring her creativity. Did you know the famous Fido Dido character evolved from a doodle on a cafe tissue?

Walking Pets

Your teen walks the pets? You, lucky you! She is taking care of the pets and bonding with them, all while getting a great bit of exercise!

Social Media Networking

If your teen is evolved enough to sort out the good from the bad, you need not worry about his social media life at all. Believe it or not, he will get you the best bargains, get in touch with key resources when you need them and make life so much...

Shopping Online And Off!

Risky as it may sound, if you empower your teen with the tools of budgeting and bargaining, you can very well offload all your tedious shopping lists on her. You may have to factor in an outfit or a two as a pay-off. It's well worth it; you would ...

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10 Seemingly Useless Leisure Activities

We may think that teens while away time in leisure pursuits. But they may actually be learning something for life.