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10 Renewable Energy Sources

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We are in dire need of renewable energy sources. This is not only because we are running out of fossil fuels, but also because many of these renewable sources are cleaner and safer for our environment. Given the threat of climate change, these are extremely important factors in favour of renewable energy. However, the processes to harvest these energy sources are still not as widespread. Nor is there as much awareness about the types of renewable energy sources at our disposal.

In this ClipBook we introduce you to 10 energy sources that are all renewable and much cleaner than the fossil fuels use we use today. You can teach your child about these fuels to show her the various options we have and to raise her awareness about where the energy we use every day comes from.


Radiant Energy

This is the energy that comes from electromagnetic waves, some of which are light rays. Solar energy is a type of radiant energy, event depends on harvesting the light from the sun.

Nuclear Energy

This is a very powerful source of energy as it depends on nuclear reaction. Moreover, it doesn't produce any greenhouse gas emissions.

Hydroelectric Energy

The most common energy in use today, hydroelectricity depends on the force of gravity and water. However, despite not having any unfavourable emissions, it has been shown to have some negative effects on it's nearby environment.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy, as the name suggests, is the energy that comes from the earth's heat. It is harvested through pumps that dis into the earth's crust, or even deeper. The best advantage of this energy is that it is always available.


When organic matter decomposes it result in biogas. The primary chemicals present in biogas are methane and carbon dioxide. The production of biogas is a natural process. All we have to do is harvest the product of that natural process. Not to men...


Biomass energy is the energy is extracted from organic matter like wood, plants, manure, etc. It is the renewable energy because if we manage forests and crops responsibly, we will always have more plants manure and wood. However, it is usually re...

Wind Energy

This energy depends on harvesting the force of winds. However, it is not a very predictable source of energy.

Compressed Natural Gas (Cng)

CNG can be used in place of fuels like petrol and diesel. It is better because it produces fewer undesirable gases. However, that also means that it is not completely clean.

Solar Energy

Solar energy is one of the most well-known renewable energy sources. This is perhaps also because it is relatively cheaper inflexible in comparison. It is the energy from the sun and thus is unlimited.

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