10 Must Have Dishes From Indian States

Sarson Ka Saag Aur Makki Ki Roti

This is a famous traditional Punjabi delicacy. ‘Makki Roti’ is a corn meal Indian bread that tastes fabulous with ‘Sarson saag’ – mustard green and a glass of lassi.

Malai Ghewar

Malai Ghewar is a round shaped Rajasthani festive dessert. It is made from milk, flour and pure ghee. You may find this dish in other parts of India, but the ones from Rajasthan are incomparable and divine.

Baingan Ki Lonje

Baingan ki lonje is a mouth-watering dish from Uttar Pradesh that consists of stuffed aubergines. The spicy and tangy filling gives out a fabulous taste and flavour.

Chenna Poda

Chenna Poda is a very famous sweet in Odisha. It is very delicious sweet dish.It is made out of fresh chenna.


Bhajani Thalipeeth is a popular snack from Maharashtra. Thalipeeth is served with home made butter or ghee or yogurt. Bhajani is a term used for dry roasted multi grain flour.

Bhutte Ka Kees

Bhutte ka kees is a spicy grated sweetcorn dish from the land of magical chaats, Indore. Do try this out the next time you visit there.

Irachi Ishtu

Irachi ishtu is an authentic Keralean stew made with chicken, beef or lamb. This lip-smacking dish is served best with appam or plain bread.

Kaladi Kulcha

Kalaadi is a traditional local hill cheese, indigenous to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is very dense, usually made from cow’s milk. You cannot afford to miss this divine taste if you are in J&K streets.

Chana Madra

Madra is a traditional Pahadi gravy dish made from an unique combination of chick peas, yogurt, coconut, almonds and raisins. It has a wonderful aromatic flavour and tastes delicious.

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10 Must Have Dishes From Indian States

Nivedhika KrishnanNivedhika Krishnan
10 must have dishes from 10 Indian States.