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10 Makeovers To Your Regular Janmashtami Savouries And Desserts


Janmashtami marks the birth of Lord Krishna, and it falls on the eighth day of the dark fortnight. The event is celebrated all over the country by devotees who perform ceremonies, prayers and fast up to midnight — the time he was born. On this occasion, the celebrations include folk dramas that feature scenes from his early childhood. Dahi handi — an event where a pot full of buttermilk is hung at a certain height and a team of young adults try to break it — is an important part of the celebrations. Special sweets and savouries made with butter and aval (beaten rice) are prepared, as these two are the favourite foods of Lord Krishna.

The festival dates to thousands of years and so do the recipes. Here is a collection of our regular recipes for Janmashtami, but with a touch of modernity.

Flip through our ClipBook to know how to give a twist to your Janmashtami recipes this season. 


Baked Butter Murukku

Butter murukku is an all-time favourite savoury of Indians. While this delicacy is heaven in the mouth, it is deep-fried, which makes it unhealthy. Now that times have changed, we can restore the authentic taste while avoiding the risk factors th...

Chocolate Rava Laddu

Chocolate makes anything better! So why not pair it with something healthy? Chocolate rava laddu is an easy to make 'five ingredients' recipe. This no-cook dessert is happiness in five minutes.

Bread Vada

Yes! you read it right! What a great way to give medu vadas a healthy makeover! Adding bread makes your vadas crunchier and tastier! Try this on Janmashtami day.

Caramel Almond Kheer

Almonds are undoubtedly the healthiest nut, somehow disliked by many children. So what can make an almond kheer excite the little ones - caramel! Caramel adds a distinctive flavour to the kheer making it hard to resist!

Baked Uppu Seedai

A 25-minute easy to make tea snack, has now become as healthier as it can be! Seedai is often made with salt or sugar, and both are equally tasty. Baking seedai is a good way to avoid deep frying.


Thattai is a thick deep fried snack made with rice flour. There is more than one twist that you can bring to this savoury by adding anything you wish. Some thattai varieties include masala thattai, pepper thattai, and keera thattai.

Banana Rava Kesari

Add a fruit rush to your sugar crush! Mixing banana with semolina, sugar and loads of ghee, makes it nothing but healthier!

Apple Payasam

Apple Payasam is a perfect blend of fruit and dessert! A traditionally modern recipe that combines health with taste.

Ragi Thenkuzhal

Using millets in your everyday snack is a wise and easy way to keep you healthy. Thenkuzhal is a crunchy and tasty snack made during festivals.

Pasta Payasam

What happens when you bring two favourite dishes together - Pasta and Payasam. It's an inevitable Christmas in the mouth. Pasta payasam is a best blend of tradition and modernisation.

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